Essentials of Marriage

What are the essentials of marriage? If two people planning to marry can define marriage the same way, then they are most likely to succeed when they get involved in it. A couple must be of the same mind and both must avoid getting involved sexually if their marriage has to be strong enough to weather the storms of life it would encounter. If a couple planning to be married gets sexually involved with each other before marriage, the foundation for trusting each other is compromised and that can make it hard for such a couple to deal with the stress that comes with real marriage life experiences. The couple must have the same mind and this means they have to know that marriage is a lifetime commitment.

Thinking of marriage as a simple short term contruct may not be the best view if both partners expect it to last. Bear in mind that love and trust play an important role in this commitment. Love makes it possible for partners to see how important they are to each other and trust strengthens the commitment between the two. In 1 Corinthians 13:7 the Scripture says,”…love endures all things”. However, “trust” might say, wait a minute; let us check the love meter first. On the other hand love will always say, I cannot hurt you because I love you so dearly.

One thing to remember is that people can still be attracted to other people even when they are married. However, when you love and are loved by your spouse it is possible to pay no attention to any form of possible seduction. In these circumstances the absence of love and trust can cause small problems to look like big ones. This means that love and trust are the essentials of marriage.

What is your Opinion?
Is sexual relationship between two people hoping and planning to get married a factor in building trust in their relationship? What do you think?


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