What Love Can Do – Part 1

When a man loves a woman, there is no limit to what he can do for her. God gave his son because he loves the world. There is a lot of giving that goes on because of love. Jacob according to the Bible gave his time working in order to have an opportunity to marry Rachel. Due to his love for Rachel, Jacob also overlooked the short comings in Laban’s family.

When two people get married, they both come with their own cultural and emotional issues that they need to overcome. The love they have for each other gives them the ability to tolerate family issues that they bring with them into their marriage. In Genesis 29, Jacob was able to tolerate his uncle’s deceptive ways. He was patient enough not to sabotage the best that was in store for him. After finding out the following morning that he had Leah instead of Rachel he complained to his uncle. He was then asked to follow their cultural tradition and that was to let the older women marry first and then their younger sisters would follow.

Jacob could have said, “Look uncle Laban, both you and your sister have caused me a lot of trouble and now I know for sure that you are a family of deceivers. Your sister made me deceive my father Isaac and now you also made me marry someone I do not love. Sir, do you know how much trouble that has caused me?” Jacob could have concluded that his uncle and his mother were evil and really intended to hurt him. Instead he responded in a responsible manner because he understood that these two people Laban and Rebekah were special to him. This was the reason why Jacob still overlooked their shortcomings.

True love can make spouses to work through family baggage or issues that each of them brings into their marriage. Love is so far the source of forgiveness in Jacob’s situation and it is one of the essentials of marriage.



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