The Pursuit of Love

When Jacob was finally married to both Rachel and Leah they began to encounter new issues. They all had their own problems just like any other couple might encounter in marriage. What is intriguing is that when love is absent it becomes easy to start creating ideas of how to win love from someone. Our clear example is Leah, the first wife to Jacob. Somehow, Leah knew that she was not loved by Jacob therefore she began to find a way to win Jacob’s love.
Trying to win someone’s love can lead to a lot of suffering. This is the reason why God made Leah to start having children before Rachel could have children. When a wife is loved by her husband the way Rachel was loved, she can so easily overcome the troubles of her circumstances. Look at Genesis 29:31, the Scripture says, “And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.” This means having a child was meant to somehow help relieve the pain of what Leah was going through, but not to win the love from Jacob.

Leah was fighting for love, but at the end she realized that what really matters is God and his plan. She realized that things would never change therefore the best thing to do was to praise God. This is the reason why she named her fourth child Judah.

In your battles let Judah go first. Praise him, praise him for what you cannot change, and thank him for what you can change. The only one who can change anything is God. He can change and put his love in the heart of any man or woman. Anyone’s heart can change for better because nothing is impossible with God. When love is missing, just let God fight your battles and he will win them for you.