What Makes a Man to Fall in Love

What makes a man to fall in love with a woman is a natural combination of things. The most apparent thing is the appearance of a woman. When the Scripture in the book of Genesis describes the difference between Leah and Rachel, it gives us the idea that appearance was a factor in the choice that Jacob had to make before Laban’s marriage tradition was put into effect. Genesis 29:17 says,”Leah was tender eyed; but Rachel was beautiful and well favoured.” Although the most apparent thing is beauty, one of the other things men look for is the woman’s demeanor.

The way the woman behaves towards a man plays a big role in the process of falling in love. The way someone behaves, partly has to do with the way that person was raised. If such a one was treated with preference in her upbringing then her attitude can easily hide subtle ways that can sabotage meaningful relationships. However, a man can learn to accept these shortcomings when he is really in love.

We know for sure that a woman must pay attention to her own appearance so that she can be able to find someone interested in her. However, beauty is relative because two men can look at the same woman, one man can find her attractive while the other finds her not attractive. Appearance could means having  a smile or just wearing makeup.  For some ladies this may truly have a remarkable influence on a man. The smile of a woman has effect on a man even when she might considered herself not as beautiful.  Men in general tend to be happy with women who are pleasant to be with and that is why it is essential to have a great attitude when interracting with other people. Attitudes can repel or attract people therefore it is better to have a positive attitude.

Sometimes a lady must take time to wear a dress not just long pants. A lady must pay attention to what she wears and that includes makeup because makeup can make her appear just as pretty. Attitude toward self matters therefore love yourself before you can love other people.

When interracting with people use kind words and smile when you meet strangers. A man will always come in a form of a stranger. If you meet a man who has watched a well behaved and honest mother all his life, he would probably easily notice any pretense. When you discover that a man loves you, respond in love and just be yourself.

Remember Rachel was highly favored compared to Leah according to the Scripture in Genesis 29. When someone is well favored that favor has a positive effect on the way he talks and behaves. If your background is more like that of Leah’s, then learn to think in a new way. If someone has already shown some interest in you, it is then reason enough for you to believe you are special. This then entrusts you with the task of learning how to accept the complements that will begin to come your way.