What a Woman Wants

A woman will always love a man who truly loves and supports her. There should also be no doubt that a man is able to support the lady before marriage is considered. This is not just her concern, but that of her parents too. Therefore a man must have the ability to really support someone who would become a wife and prove it to both her and her parents.

We also have to realize that a man should support the lady and the children they would both end up having in their union. When a man is not willing to take care of the family, it is then possible that frustrations can start to manifest causing a lot of trouble in their relationship. When a woman is looking for a man to marry, these are some of the concerns that go through her mind. That is why it is necessary that a man should have the ability to support his family and the first thing he should consider is to try and become marketable. A man can make himself marketable by going to college. Why is that essential?  It is essential because going to college or gaining a trade makes a man marketable in this ever changing world.

Going back to the book of Genesis chapter 29 we can see that Jacob was willing to work. In Genesis 30:25-28 the Scripture declares, “As soon as Rachel had borne Joseph, Jacob said to Laban, “Send me away, that I may go to my own home and country. Give me my wives and my children for whom I have served you that I may go, for you know the service that I have given you.” But Laban said to him, “If I have found favor in your sight, I have learned by divination that the Lord has blessed me because of you. Name your wages, and I will give it.”” Jacob at this time was ready to leave, but wanted to earn wages from Laban in a way that would support his growing family.

A woman usually wants a man who leaves his father and mother to be joined to her. This would mean leaving parents in the mind and not just physically.  If a man has ended up having a love child, but really loves the lady, such a one must do what Jacob did. Jacob started planning for Joseph and the rest of his other children to have opportunities. Jacob did not see how Joseph and the rest of the children could have walked in the ways of the Lord with all the idols that Laban was going to continue worshiping.  The future was in the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob understood that aspect very well. This is the reason why it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone, plan and try hard to find a place so that your children would have great opportunities. They must pursue their happiness so that the plan of God can be fulfilled.

Keep in mind that not many couples get along very well when they keep staying with their in-laws just like it was with Jacob although he really handled things well. When one lives with the in-laws, an innocent statement from a mother-in-law such as, “that is not how my son likes his eggs cooked” sounds innocent but it can be annoying to her daughter-in-law. This is the reason why a woman will always want a man who leaves his father and mother. There is a statement in Genesis 2:24 which says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”.

The most ideal thing to do is for a man to leave his parent’s basement or room which he may still be occupying and be joined to his wife. A woman will always be happy alone with her husband and children therefore the best thing to do is for a couple to find a place of their own so that they can remain happy together. That is what a woman wants.