Perspective an Essential of Ministry

One of the most important things in the body of Christ is the equipping of the believers for ministry. Every believer in Christ is supposed to be equipped for service in the Church. The Church is the body of Christ and this body functions as a system. If one part of the system does not function properly its goal and purpose may not easily be obtained or realized.
The way Christ has set up each part in the Church is the most effective way of reaching its objectives. In Ephesians 4:11-12 the Bible says, “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”. The reason why he gave gifts is to prepare believers so that they are effective at serving each other in the Church.  Ministry is then every believer’s responsibility in the Church. It is not just a respobility for those in the fivefold ministry. 
It is important then for a believer to have a Christ like perspective in ministry. We have to know that perspective is essential in any types of work that involves serving people. Christian ministry must adhere to the perspective that Christ has provided. Christ has provided the perspective that care for people and he cares for people so much that he does not want any to perish.
What other service professions such as nursing or social work call the “theory of caring” is really central in all service oriented work. The work in the church is service oriented therefore the true sense of caring for others is a must for the church to be effective at reaching it goal and objectives. That is the reason why it is important to take Christ at his word so that ministry can be effective. When Christ arose from the dead he proved that he is really someone we should all trust.  When he says something we should not doubt him because the ultimate proof has been provided and that proof is his resurrection from the dead. It was after his resurrection when he gave gifts for the edification of the church. The way he does things is the most favorable way of reaching out to other people because it is founded in the care and love he has for all people.
The church is edified when believers speak the truth in love. If there is anyone who should care about the human condition, it should be those who believe in Christ. The spirit of those who believe in Christ should be that of caring and this is expressed directly to the people in the body of Christ. The fivefold ministry is a service to the believers in the body of Christ and the believers then serve people in a more diversified and direct manner. For example a mother has a more direct way of ministering to her daughter or a father to his son. Circles of relationships may differ but the access to certain people is made available in those cirles. These relationships provide the atmosphere of love and when people feel loved they find it easy to trust, learn and walk in obedience. The fivefold ministry prepares believers to effectively do away with false doctrine and human deceitful schemes by the way of speaking the truth in love. This is how the body of Christ builds itself and that is why perspective in ministry is essential.
In 2 Kings 1 the Bible talks about one man by the name of Ahaziah. Ahaziah fell and hurt himself and when he needed medical attention he wanted to consult Baazelbub the god of Ekron instead of calling on the God of Abraham. This situation caused Elijah the Tishbite to end up calling fire on the messengers that Ahaziah sent out to go and consult the god of Ekron. In the New Testament the disciples took that event as a means of how to deal with people not knowing that Elijah’s intention  was not to kill people. Jesus taught his disciples that this was a wrong perspective because his intention is not to destroy people.  Jesus cares about people and this should be the same perspective believers in Christ should have too. 

The Scripture tells us that when  Jesus and his disciples were headed toward Jerusalem and had to go through Samaria they noticed that the people’s response was not as favorable because Jesus was set to go to Jerusalem. Due to this the disciple were offended and therefore thought of calling fire from heaven on the people just like Elijah the Tishbite called fire to consume Ahaziah’s massengers. Jesus corrected their way of thinking by letting them know that their perspective should be that of caring for the people. Christ’s perspective is that of caring for the people and it is essential in ministry. Contantly check your spirit to make sure you have the right spirit to effectively serve other people. King David cried out for the right spirit to be renewed within him. Call and he will answer.