Cross Cultural Marriages

Cross cultural marriages are not something prohibited. They are an example of how powerful love between two people can become. We can try to define love, but we cannot really explain a lot about it. Love is something really made in heaven. Some people may say, “Love is blind”, but from the look of things, love seems to transcend cultural boundaries.

Sometimes one wonders how a person can fall in love and end up marrying someone half way across the world. An American can fall in love and marry some someone from Singapore, India, Brazil, France or Jamaica. Sometimes an African can end up marrying someone from Asia, Europe, North or South America. No matter how different these peoples cultural background can be, when there is love the two people can end up marrying each other

Cross cultural unions were not a common place just decades ago, but now they are a common occurrence. However, they come with a set of issues that need new solutions. Our social systems now will have to accommodate unique changes that are happening in this area. The challenge here is basically to accept the changes that are happening in the institute of marriage and provide guidance to its progress in our modern era.

In my opinion, the changes in our global social system promotes diversity in all other smaller social systems. This may be a strength that encourages cultural competence in our work environment and promote essential values in families with members who are racially diverse. 

What do you think about cross cultural marriages? Please share your thoughts here.