The Lost Cause the Case of the Potency of God in Today’s Christians

In Hosea 4:6, the Bibles states that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hence ignorance in any form is neither God’s portion nor a child of…God. Poverty is a fruit of ignorance and this should not be an inheritance of a Christian.

The gift of the potency of God in Christians gives them a second chance (2 Cor.5:17) and gives them a full inheritance in Christ Jesus (2 Cor.5:19). This is controlled growth or discipleship (Prov.22:6, 2Tim.2:2). Therefore, it is a right for every Christian to be discipled (1 Pet.2:5, 9-11). Christians have the right to know that they were saved to be priests to God. They should be made aware of the implications of rejecting this knowledge and its effect on their children. Discipleship is not a platform to compete for meager church resources, but fulfilling the great commission (Mark 16:15-20). This calls for serious investment of resources into the word (John 1:1-5, Gal.3:27-28) to become flesh (John1:14) and not into Superstars whose life styles (Matt.7:20) indicate the love of the world and the things there in (1 John 2:15). The Bible warns us in Luke 12:15, that we should take heed and be aware of covetousness, for man’s life consist not in the abundance of the things which he possesses. Matt.24:35 states that Heaven and Earth shall surely pass away but his word remains forever. Therefore, it pleases God if we invest his tithes and offerings (Mal.3:8-10) into the word and not just preaching for money, fame and pride during Sunday services year in and year out as superstars until we get tired and God retires by making us to collapse behind Pulpits or by removing his grace that exposes our hidden treacherous life styles.

The gift of the Potency of God in us requires us to get into serious discipleship programs that give all the children of God a great platform to be chosen for service, which gives glory to God for his potency in us (Gen.1:11-28). This indicates where our treasurer is (Matt.6:21) and the Devil does not like it because he knows it is lethal against his plans. We must know that providing Sunday service transport for saints, broadcasting live gospel messages on televisions and constructing mega church structures that turn Pastors into superstars and churches into museums (by the way, a museum is a building that houses harmless and lifeless collections or objects which depict man’s ways of life and his environment) without serious discipleship programs that develop the potency of God in his children to a full reproductive level, is simply living a failed life here on earth for the earth was given in the hands of the wicked (Job 9:24, 2 Cor.4:4).

In Matt. 8:36, the Bible state that for what shall it profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. When Pastors crave to Invest God’s tithes and offerings in mansions, television stations and satellite broadcasts, flash and posh cars, wear expensive clothes and own farms and yet their members that add value to their church statistics still live in absolute poverty are simply symptoms of the lost cause, salt having lost its taste (Mark 9:50) or simply put souls sold to the Devil in order to gain money, fame and pride. Jesus Christ refused (Matt.4:8-10) because he knew that earthly life was just but temporal. No matter how much you have to live, earthly life is still temporal or lost cause. King Solomon, the wisest and richest king to have lived here on earth has a great testimony concerning this earthly life.

   Author: Bishop Lloyd Situmbeko