What Love Can Do – Part 2

In marriage one essential thing that brings a man and a woman together is love. When people love each other, they can be happy together while just living in a shack. What they really care about is that both are safe and in love. Somehow each one of them takes it upon self to be responsible for one another.

When abuse in all its form starts to come in to try to destruct the harmony between the two who love each other, an imaginable amount of pain is usually experienced. Most times the cause for the disturbance is due to someone else who comes in between the two love birds. Let us remember that the Bible commands that when two people are joined together in marriage then no other person should separate them. In Matthew 19:5-6, the Bible declares, “… For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder”.

When the two people are being put asunder or being separated, they definitely go through a lot of emotional pain. Imagine the pain that young wife goes through when she is being mistreated by her husband. She expects the husband to treat her with dignity and love, but all she gets is abuse. Some people have even come to a point of believing a lie that when they are battered by their husbands then they are really loved. That is not love, it is physical abuse. Love protects, cherishes and cares about the well-being of a spouse. The hands of a husband are not meant for battering the wife; they are meant to protect and provide for her. It is wise to protect a spouse than to protect one’s own ego.

Sometimes a spouse might not just have to protect a spouse from strangers. Protecting a spouse from strangers should be an obvious response, but certain attacks can come from unexpected areas. A relative who might not be happy with you as a couple might instigate hurtful influences that can affect your marriage relationship. This is the reason why some people might suffer a lot in their marriage because the hurtful experiences sneak on them from an expected people. If you find yourself assuming that the intention of a friend or relative can never be a destructive one, think again. This assumption must demand a real proof of innocence therefore put it to test.  Anyone who comes into your life has the potential to contribute to your happiness or to your suffering.  It is important to pick up on cues that can lead to emotional abuse and deal with them as soon as you can. These cues are subtle signs and can be spotted at the beginning when starting to interact with people coming into your life.

People who come into your life will first test your spirit to see what you stand for. They will ask questions that will reveal what you tolerate. If they discover that you do not accept their belief system or way of thinking then they back off. If your spirit is found to agree with what they believe, then they win you over for the sake of accomplishing their mischief. What is interesting is that even the person instigating all this may not even be conscious of what is happening. Why is that so? This is due to the fact that the conflict is between God and the devil. This has nothing to do with the person with that evil intention. It has everything to do with the God who says “let no man put asunder”. The devil hates and will always want to discredit God’s word and disobey his commands. Hate leads to disobedience, but love leads to obedience. If two people love each other they will obey each other and will enjoy their marriage. If you love God you will obey him, therefore examine your intentions or motives.