The Will of God – Part 3

God respects your will. Anyone can do whatever he or she wishes but such a one has to pay for the consequences of what he or she does. Adam blamed his wife Eve whom God gave him although he really blamed God for giving him a wife who made him eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Blaming someone else means you are not taking personal responsibility on the issue. Taking personal responsibility on issues of your life helps to have a new beginning. God has given us the second chance by giving us Jesus Christ, but we still have that free will.

When someone says he has always been a Christian because he or she was born in a Christian family such a one implies that God does not respect the will of any one. The truth is that God is not forcing you in a Christian family just to make you his child. You must be born of God and this happens by surrendering your will to him.

You can have a new beginning in Christ.