In Mark 2: 1- 12 the Bible presents another miraculous healing that Jesus Christ did in Capernaum. When people heard that Jesus was in town they began to gather at the house where he was staying and the crowd was so big that people could not easily go in and come out of the house.

    Four people came with a man who was paralyzed carried on a stretcher. When these people could not go through the door because people were crowding the door, they made an opening in the roof of this house. They went through a lot of trouble, but they were determined to bring their friend before Jesus. Now, when Jesus saw this, he was moved to say some of the most gracious words. In Mark 2:5 the Bible says, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee” (KJV). Forgiveness is from God to us through Jesus Christ. The forgiveness of God is backed up by his power. Jesus proved it by performing the miracle of healing on that paralyzed man.
    Forgiveness has to be backed up with action. When you are hurting because someone has hurt you, your behavior toward that person is usually affected. The most likely reaction is that one begins to be defensive or offensive toward such a person. This is the normal human reaction, but when you have been forgiven your response becomes favorable toward that person. People who offend you will read your reaction toward them and will to try to figure out if you have forgiven them.
    However when you are forgiven by God, people will always wonder at your responses. When you are walking in forgiveness you will respond favorably to people and events instead of reacting to them. When you have been forgiven by God like that paralyzed man who was forgiven after being lowered through the opening in the roof, you can easily forgive anyone. Finding this kind of forgiveness in Christ is like finding a treasure that makes you forget about everything else unpleasant in your past. It is something that really changes one’s life.