The Blood of Jesus Christ

God is a God of justice and has no partiality. The shedding of the blood of Jesus tells us that he has no favorites. The Angel of death could have killed every firstborn in Egypt, whether Egyptian or Hebrew. God shows no partiality. When the blood of a lamb was used to mark the door posts, it signified that the firstborn in that house was already dead. That is why when the Angel of death came to the door marked with blood he passed over it. In houses marked with the blood of lambs no first born was killed by the Angel of death.

This Angel of death is passing through this land and those without the mark of the blood of Christ at the door of their hearts cannot avoid the Angel of death. The Angel of death passes over us when we have been forgiven by Jesus Christ and his blood has cleansed us from all sin. The blood of Jesus Christ is like the blood of that lamb in each Hebrew household. The markings of the blood of that lamb signify deliverance instead of death. The blood of Jesus speaks a better word to God for us all.

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