Relationships are important in life. Without relationships no one can easily use the surrounding to get what he or she needs. Relationships provide avenues for people’s provision in life. The interaction between you and other people impact your resources.

People who succeed in life are people who have learnt how to interact with their surrounding in an effective way. In whatever relationship you are in boundaries are supposed to be recognized. Even close relationships still have boundaries and that is why we can say that people in abusive relationships cross those boundaries.

People are meant to function in relationships and when something is not right in a relationship they just know something is not right. The interactions in these relationships depend on mutual respect and love. How you think about the one’s you interact with will either draw them closer or push them away from you. Although sometimes it is necessary to let go of some people in relationships, you can always develop a good relationship with almost anyone.

There are different types of relationships and in this category we will be discussing issues in regard to different types of relationships. Keep in mind that everything in life is about relationships and if you are not an active participant in some relationship it means you may be losing out on something of great value.


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