Faith is the only way God is pleased. It is also the only way any sinner can be justified. The whole world has missed the mark. We have all sinned against God because Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. This is the tree God commanded them not to eat from and by eating from it they disobeyed God. That is why through Adam and Eve we have all sinned or missed the mark. Through Adam sin entered the world and now everyone has gone astray. The Bible clearly states that everyone in this
world has sinned. This situation breaks God’s heart because sin brings death, sickness and suffering.

When people continued to commit sin many years ago, God was grieved. God was grieved because sin brought suffering to his creation. This is the reason why he decided to destroy man with a flood at the time he saved Noah and his family. If God is capable of feeling sad, it means he is also capable of being pleased. One thing that pleases God is faith.

God justifies people when they have faith. This is the reason why we can say that faith does the impossible. God backs up faith in real life. Through faith people of old obtained righteousness and went on to do great things. Faith is the only thing that pleases God and through faith we can receive any gift from him. This is the way God has
ordained for all people to be able to receive what he gives. People can be changed or healed when they have faith.

Long time ago Enoch was translated because he had faith. When God came to fellowship with him, he decided to take Enoch with him. Faith did the impossible that day. A mere mortal was translated and taken into heaven. This only happens when God rewards faith and does the impossible. Faith pleases God.

Excerpt from my book ” The Mission Motivated Life“.