What Faith Can Do

What can faith do? Faith can help to restore freedom and human capability. In Mark chapter two the Bible talks about Jesus healing a man who was paralyzed. The man had limitations since he could not walk on his own. This condition is heart breaking especially for God since we are his creation. When God created things they all turned out good, but it was not good that this man was not capable to walk on his own. He needed to be free from this kind of bondage. In Genesis 1:31 the Bible says, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good…” (KJV). It is heart breaking for God to see people struggle with all kinds of limitations. Whether it is poverty or unemployment, God is deeply touched.

It was not God’s will for this man to have had such a physical limitation. This condition broke God’s heart. Anything that limits you in any way is not in God’s plan. God wants you to be free. He really wants every one of us to be free from sin and its complex system of burdens. That is the reason why he sent Jesus Christ to come and deliver us from the bondage of sin. Sin is the source of all limitations, but Jesus Christ is the source of freedom.

How does this freedom come about? Well, in Mark 2:5 the Bible declares, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee” (KJV). This man was presented before Jesus after he went through many difficulties together with the friends who carried him to the meeting. They had difficulties in trying to go through the door since it was crowded, but they never gave up. They got on the roof and made an opening so that they could lower down their friend before Jesus. In the process, the damage to the roof was not so much of an issue because all they wanted was to have their friend healed. These men believed that Jesus Christ was able to heal their friend. They were surely determined to bring their friend before him and they did it. These men overcame every obstacle and met with the source of healing.

Now, Jesus did not rebuke them for removing the roofing material. Jesus saw beyond the roof because the roof was made for man and not man for the roof. Jesus is concerned for people because he loves them so much. The Bible says that he saw their faith and when he saw their faith that is when he addressed the real problem. The real issue he addressed was the human condition of sin. He told the man who was paralyzed that his sins were forgiven. Forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ is the answer to the human condition.

It is the spiritual condition of sin that sets limits on our lives. Instead of being alive forever, sin brought death to mankind. This is a limitation. Instead of being able to walk by himself, that paralyzed man was limited by his physical condition. Jesus is still able to give true freedom to anyone who has faith. Nothing is impossible with the Lord and all we need is faith in him . Therefore never give up, just keep pressing on.