A Foundation for Strong Relationships

The moment a baby is born it enters into relationships. The main and most important relationship for a baby after birth is the baby parent relationship. This relationship is one of the strongest relationships. If this relationship falls apart for some reason, it means the baby can be affected in a negative way. However, this relationship is designed to be one of the strongest support system for the baby.

The foundation of any strong relationship is love. If love is not the foundation in a relationship it means it has to depend on rules or a code of ethics to ensure protection. The key lies in the ability to feel for the other person and parents must be able to feel for the baby with a strong connection based on affection.

When love dissipates or is not present for some reason, people is a relationship can easily become hostile. A disconnection from the elements of affection in human relationships can have consequences ranging from minor to serious. This lack of love weakens the support system that is supposed to sustain life in a relationship.

Now, love is the principal thing in relationships. When love is present life flourishes. Treasure that love in any of your relationships and you will be a blessing to many.