Walking in the Spirit

After someone commits his life to Christ, he becomes aware of the struggles that come with that commitment. The best way to win over these struggles is to continue yielding to Jesus Christ. This process is what is known as “walking in the Spirit”. Walking in the Spirit makes a believer to have the ability to overcome most trappings of sin.

Why do we hear of pastors and other spiritual leaders committing sexual sins in church? Well, it is because they have not been walking in the Spirit. In Galatians 5:16 the Bible says, ”I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (NKJV). When someone knows how to deal with the conflict within, he stands the chance of winning moral battles of life. This is the reason why walking in the Spirit is something every believer in Christ should be doing every day. Without walking in the Spirit it is easy to fall prey to a lot of snares in life.

A believer in Christ must start with a stable prayer life to be able to initiate this process after getting saved. This experience does not occur automatically because it involves that surrender of the will. You have to be committed. The devil tempts believer’s that is true, but all he can do it is to try to influence you to make a choice. When you walk in the Spirit it leaves him without anything to use to pull you into disgrace.

The flesh is what Satan uses to pull people into bondage. This kind of bondage is rooted in Sin. Sin is the root of all kind of sins. The book of Romans talks about Sin and says that the wages of Sin is death. However, Christ paid the price for Sin and that power of Sin is rendered useless.  After the new birth experience, a believer must continue to yield to the Lord. In that process of yielding to the Lord, he stops committing sins. The believer’s active participation in yielding to Christ helps to manifest that new life. That life is Christ and he is the light of all man.  Therefore, walk in the Spirit so that you can manifest that light for all to see.

(NKJV)  New King James Version.