How to Cast Out Demons

When Jesus began his earthly ministry he confronted demons in men. At one time when he was teaching at the synagogue in Capernaum he encountered a demon possessed man right in the place of worship. Jesus knew what to do about the situation. He also knew that he had power over all the power of the enemy and since he had power over this demon, he cast it out.

Children of God have authority over demonic forces just like Jesus had authority. As a matter of fact he has delegated this authority to those who believe in him. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? You have power to cast out demons. Jesus cast out demons and set men free from demonic bondage. Casting out demons is part of what we are supposed to do to build the Kingdom of God.

One thing interestingly fascinating about casting out evil spirits is just how real the spirit world becomes. It is an eye opener to the realities of the unseen world. If you have had the opportunity to cast out demons you may have probably been surprised at the way they seemed to have known your name or your life story.

When casting out demons, make sure your life is right with God. Do not attempt to cast out a demon when you knowingly live in sin. Make sure you are prayerful. Prayer makes you to be much closer to God and when you are close to God forces of evil cannot prevail against you.

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