Loving God

It is better to love God than to love the things that he has created. This is what the old life story of Job reveals to us too. Job was tried on the basis on whether he loved God or not. The accusation against him was that he worshipped God because he was blessed with good things in life. If you love God for who he is then you are on a solid ground. When you love God for what he has given or what he can do for you then you need a true change of heart. You need Jesus Christ to be the foundation of your life. People who overcome when tempted truly love God from the heart. Do you love God enough to obey him? Jesus today still challenges that lack of affection for him. It is easy for us to lose sight of Jesus and just focused on what he can do for us. When we focus on Jesus it means we have all what we really need, eternal life. It is better to obey for obedience to God is the position of power.

In Christ we have the forgiveness of sins and that affords us the opportunity to be partakers of eternal life. That is the position of power. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden it broke God’s heart. Due to this fact, man was now going to face all kind of suffering. Man was going to get sick and even experience physical death. This broke God’s heart because God loves man and he does not want him to perish. This was the loss of power for mankind.

If man had to take from the tree of life without the chance of being forgiven by God, it could have been more heartbreaking. Imagine man having to go through all the suffering because of sin, but at the same time having to live forever. That would have been horrible. Now we can have life through Jesus Christ for eternity without facing the consequence of sin. Through the blood of Jesus Christ our sins are taken away and now we can have eternal life without the consequences of sin.

God loves you. Do you love him? Do you love him so as to give him everything? To be focused on him so much that everything else takes second place? There may be some things in your life that has taken that first place