Self-mastery is important for winning the battles of life. This is something that should be rooted in God and it is the principal thing in relationships.

The first and most important relationship that deals with big issues of life is that relationship with God. When Jesus was tempted after he fasted for forty days and nights, he was careful enough not to ruin that relationship with God the Father. Jesus was tempted in three ways, but all of the temptations were designed to ruin that relationship with his Father in heaven. We have to understand that all the temptations were focused on stopping his proper use of self.

Let us look at the first temptation. In Luke 4:3 the Bible says, “And the devil said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread” (KJV). When Jesus was tempted to turn stones into bread he refused by quoting the word of God and that was really stating that the word of God takes preeminence in the issues of life.

What we should also note with all the other temptations is that they had suggestions that would mislead. The temptations had the subtle attack on the free will by trying to make misguiding suggestions, but the word of God provided and still provides the way out. The fact is that Jesus’ relationship with the father has true protection rooted in the word of God. That is how our relationship with God should also be understood as being established in the same way.

When Jesus feed five thousand people from five loaves and two fish, the situation was a lot different. Jesus multiplied bread and fish in that gathering because he was concerned for the people. Jesus could have done this for himself during the temptation after he fasted for forty days and nights and was hungry, but he did not. Why? Jesus knew how to use himself in a proper way. The proper use of self is rooted in obedience to the word of God. Therefore self-mastery really means obeying the word of God.


One thought on “Self-Mastery

  1. Amen. Good insight on self-mastery. This is what what the Bible means when it refers to self control. It is a confusing matter at times, because there seems to be a contradiction on surface in what scipture teaches. We are taught to be self-controlled in and that it is a very fruit of the Spirit, then other times we are taught not to trust self and even to war against it, being controlled by the Spirit. So which is it? It seems to be both. Follow the Spirit and allow the Spirit to guide our self to control itself and conform it to the Word of God, yes by help and guidance of the Spirit as we submit to Gods provision of himself given to us. God is progressively teaching old self desires and control to become his desires through his holy Word and power of his Spirit.


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