The Spirit of Adoption

The Spirit of God is a Spirit of adoption. Adoption is more than just a legal activity because it involves the heart. The heart is deeper than the mind. Man has three parts and these are spirit, soul and body. Anything that touches the spirit man is more serious and deeper than what involves the body. As a matter of fact no one can exist without the spirit part of his being.

In Romans 8: 15 the Bible says, “… but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father” (KJV). Adoption is what creates the “parent child” relationship. This is how Pharaoh’s daughter came into that parent child relationship with the baby Moses.

Adoption also happens at the time when a new leader becomes part of the new church leadership team. This is also what happens when a child become a member of a new family. That is why people should be praying over their adoption plans before taking in their new children because the connection they create with each other in that process knits their hearts together.

A new church leader or pastor takes up the responsibility in a church just like a parent does for a child during adoption. This is what helps in the bonding process of a pastor and his new church or a parent with his new adopted child.

The process of adoption is more a heart to heart connection. It is a bonding of two hearts for a common goal. Have you received the Spirit of adoption?