The Seed Principle – Part 2

Whatever you might be going through, know that God is in control. If you are a child of God willing to do his will, he will definitely come through for you. The situation might seem hard, but he will come through for you. Remember that God promised Abraham that his descendants would be enslaved for four hundred years and then later be set free. What he promised Abraham was surely going to come to pass and everything else was supposed to line up with that promise. The hard times for the Hebrew people meant that the promise was about to be fulfilled. This is most likely what happens when we are all about to be blessed by God. The hard experiences pose as an opportunity for the supernatural manifestation. It is also a way to tell that what God has promised is about to manifest in your life. Remember that what God promises always comes to pass.

God had earlier on told Abraham that he was going to let his descendants live in the house of bondage for four hundred years according to what is written in Genesis chapter fifteen and verse thirteen. In this scripture God said to Abram that his descendants would later be afflicted for four hundred years and be freed. He also mentioned that he was going to punish that nation and it all came to pass.

Now, Moses was born at that very time when this prophetic word was being fulfilled although the mother to Moses had no idea about what was happening. All she knew was that times were hard. Well, it was definitely hard for every Hebrew family with a baby boy in the land of affliction, but her situation was uniquely designed for the fulfillment of what God wanted so that the blessings of Abraham could be fulfilled. God was causing all things to work out together for good.

Have you ever wondered why certain heart breaking situations just seem to happen to you? Well, that is how things might look like, but the fact is that everyone else might also be going through a similar situation. When you know other people are going through the same experiences that knowledge helps to relieve a lot of stress. Whatever you might be going through your brethren are also going through something similar to what you are going through. Only know that the blessings of Abraham can be found in the middle of real life circumstances. There is a place where “self” carries no value enough to help you in a situation and that is where God begins to manifest his invisible hand of deliverance. Trust him and he will help you when you surrender to him.