God’s Gift to the World

God has a mission on earth and it aims at reaching the human heart. For us this mission begins when we receive the gift that God has given. No one can buy that gift and no one can give it, but God alone. Any gift from God is special. What makes any gift from God so special? Well, just like all other gifts that have ever been given to anyone, a gift from God is surely accompanied by gracious thoughts toward the receiver. The gift of God says, “I think well of you and I understand your situation therefore I would like to do for you that which no one can do”. Thoughts behind God’s gifts position the receiver for precious reserves that he has kept for those who respond favorably.

The gift of God cannot be bought by any man. Other gifts in the world have been bought and sold, but any gift from God cannot be bought. In Acts 8:18 the Bible in reference to the gift of the Holy Spirit says, “And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money”(KJV). It was wrong for Simon to offer money because any gift from God cannot be bought. Every gift from above is free for all of us.

The gift that God has given to the world is the gift of his own son Jesus Christ. It is in Jesus Christ where we all find the forgiveness of sins and that makes him a perfect gift for us all since the whole world needs salvation from the bondage of sin. When someone does not receive this gift, such a one has no life. This gift cannot be earned or received by good religious behavior. The one and only way to receive from God is by faith.