Signs of Faith

The signs of faith represent manifestations of the workings of God. There is a difference between the work of man and the work of God. The work of man is done within the limits of the laws of nature, but the work of God transcends the laws of nature. The work of God manifests what we call miracles.

Faith ushers people into doing exploits that is why the people who had faith in ancient times performed great wonders. The work of salvation today is the one real thing that God does when we put our faith in him through Jesus Christ. When people come to understand and experience the change of life that comes through faith in Christ they usually tend to wonder why they were not told about it earlier. This signifies that what they have experienced has made a difference and that is why they would like other people to have a similar spiritual experience too.

The realization of this new birth experience as being undeniably a gift of God gives them the passion to try to reach out to other people with the gospel. The message they carry is founded on what God has done for them personally. They know that what God has done for them is what they desire for others.

What God has done for you will entrust you with the mission to reach the human heart. The key to the heart lies in the fact that Christ is doing a life changing work of love in your life. This is not something acquired from Bible College or Seminary. This is all due to the fact that God’s love that touches your heart in this life changing experience will also touch other people’s hearts.