Inner Healing

People come from different family, cultural, economic or even spiritual backgrounds and their past life experiences impact their present relationships. Life experiences have a bearing on an individual’s behavior in any relationship. However, the work that Jesus does in people’s lives brings healing. This kind of healing requires recipients to participate in the healing process itself.

In the book of Acts the Bible tells us that Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and Power and that he went about doing good and healing people who were oppressed of the devil. As Jesus went about doing good and healing people, he one day ended up healing a man who was blind. One interesting thing is that both Jesus and the blind man actively participated in the healing process. Jesus stayed with the blind man from the time he met him to the time the healing was completed. This is what happens in inner healing. God’s word guides the recipient in the healing process.

The first time Jesus touched his eyes he asked him if he saw anything. The man was honest and answered Jesus correctly by saying that he saw men like trees walking around. Without being honest with Jesus no man can receive inner healing. This tells us that inner healing is a process and the key to this type of healing is the recipient’s willingness to participate in the healing process.