The Love of God

God is affectionately drawn toward us. He loves us so much that he had to give us Jesus Christ so that we can be saved from sin. Jesus is that perfect solution to the human condition. He went to the cross of Calvary for our redemption. Right now, he is in heaven preparing mansions in the Father’s house and making intercession for us. Now our hope is to overcome as he overcame. Since Jesus helps us to overcome by his Spirit we have to trust him to help us in time of need.

There is a difference between love and trust. Love is basically available for everyone in whatever condition they may be in. Trust on the other hand is something that he entrusts to individuals depending on what is at stake. God has trusted his son Jesus Christ with the work of salvation in this world. What is at stake are men’s souls and souls cost the life of Jesus. Since men’s souls are at stake the only one who can be trusted with this work is Jesus Christ. He is the faithful one and no one can be as faithful as Jesus. There is no sin in him therefore death could not hold him captive. God has trusted such a man because he is able to finish the work of salvation as planned.

People have little understanding of the true value of a soul. God knows that value and that is why he wanted Jesus Christ to complete this eternal work of salvation. No one can be trusted with this work, but Jesus Christ the Lamb of God. There is no greater response to the human need for salvation than the one that Jesus has taken for all humanity. Whatever you do in Christ should be rooted in what he has done and continues to do for mankind.