Confronting Forces of Darkness

The mission to the human heart must be accomplished through the spiritual authority found in the name of Jesus Christ. Believers in Christ have power over demonic forces. Demonic forces are set out to oppose anything that has anything to do with Christ. They aim at killing people in any way they can, but in the name of Jesus Christ they do not stand a chance. The name of Jesus Christ is so powerful that it can be used to expel any demon that has ever existed.

Believers can be successful in reaching out to the human heart by confronting these forces of darkness. Ignoring the fact that demons exist is detrimental to mission to the heart of men. In the mission to reach the human heart beware that there are forces out there waiting to try to stop you. Are you going to let them stop you? No. They could not stop Jesus therefore they should not be allowed to stop you.

Jesus dealt with demonic forces more effectively and he is an example to us on how to defeat them. He taught his disciples to cast out demons in his name and that is why every believer must know how to cast out demons. Jesus taught the disciples to cast out demons and they became good at it