The Power of Agreement

Planting a church is a divine assignment which involves more than just what meets the eye. It is hard, but exciting and fulfilling. Planting a church itself demands for a heart that loves people. It also calls for a strong commitment to accomplishing the task it presents.

The purpose of planting a church is what shapes the mission of a church planter. This is what makes church planting interesting because how you begin is what determines the type of church that would be produced.

As a matter of fact, you and the inner circle must have a good understanding of what a healthy church is like. In short you should all have a strong commitment to the teachings of Christ. Apart from that, everyone should definitely have the basic understanding of what creates a growing church.

When planting a church, you must find at least two or three people who you can work with. These are the people who should be in what we call “the inner circle” and they should always pray and organize with you. The inner circle helps to bring in the presence of God. How does this happen? Well, the Bible tells us that where two or three are gathered together in his name, Jesus Christ himself is present.

When members of the inner circle meet in the name of Jesus, the presence of God is made available to them. The act of meeting together in the name of Jesus Christ makes the presence of God accessible. This presence is a fact because it is made possible by the Spirit of God.