The Fear of God

The inner circle in church planting must have the fear of God. People with the fear of God in their hearts do things with conviction and they stick to principles. They do not give in to human demands as they make major decisions in leadership. What matters most to them is doing what is right. This is the type of people a church planter needs in the inner circle. The inner circle is the core of the church planting team that is why it must seriously adhere to biblical teachings.

A church planting team must definitely depend on the word of God to accomplish its God given task. What does Jesus say about building his church? In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says, “… I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (KJV). A church planter and his team must always remember that church planting is the work of God and not his own work. The whole team must also know that Jesus Christ is the central person in their church planting efforts. This is what really makes church planting a success because Jesus himself is the one who is building his Church.

When Jesus said that he was going to build his Church, he was referring to building the body of believers here on earth. What a church planter does is really rooted in what Christ is doing as he builds his Church. This is the reason why a church planter must prayerfully depend on God at all times. Church planting is really doing the will of God. It is doing what Jesus is doing here on earth. A church planter is a co-worker with God therefore must constantly yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit.