The Evangelistic Approach

The evangelistic approach is what I have used in my church planting projects. This is a method that has worked in both rural and city communities. In Matthew 28:19 the Bible says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (KJV). This is a major resource for church planting because of its focus on reaching the unreached. People have spiritual needs whether they live in a rich or poor community. They have needs whether they are wealth or poor. The main focus of the church is meeting those spiritual needs and that is done through evangelism. A church that does not evangelize cannot truly grow.

Reaching the unreached is vital because that is what Jesus is doing. Starting a church is about raising new believers. Believers who come in from other churches can be helpful, but they are not the main focus in a new church. The people who get saved under your ministry are the core of the new church although other people can and will always come in from other churches. However, the best practice is to try not to get people from other churches in the community.

People from other churches in the community will sometimes come with their own set of problems that you might need to avoid. If you cannot foresee the impact of what they could bring into the new church it is possible you might have to work through a lot of issues that will waste you precious energy. The real struggle and concern is that they would insist on wanting to do things the way they have done them in their previous churches. It is hard if what they want to do in your church contradicts the core beliefs of your new church. However, be discerning so that you can focus on what matters in the church and that is, your commitment to the word of God and prayer.