The Seed Principle

Keep in mind that church planting is God’s work. The new church that you raise should continue growing long after you are gone. Entrust the leaders you are raising with responsibilities while you are still present so that they can confidently be able to function even after you are gone. Cast your cares upon God for he cares for you. If it is his church then you should know that he cares about it. He does not leave his people alone.

There is a story of a pastor who was really doing well in his church. The man was healthy and happy as can be. Gradually, things started to go bad. He began to have unfounded arguments with his wife and a lot of stress began to affect his marriage. Church members started missing some of the church services and his membership began to dwindle. This started to take a toll on his health and he suddenly began to be sick. He experienced an unexplained loss of weight, worried a lot and got even more sick.

After a short bout of difficulties, things in church began to improve as a result he also began to recover. What happened? Most likely he was so much emotionally connected to his church. What happened to his congregation dictated his well-being. The fact is that this church was in control of the pastor’s life. The church that is in control of a pastor’s life can easily cause him to experience big loses. Do not let your church have a strong emotional connection to your life. It is not really your church, it is the Lord’s church. Let God take care of it therefore commit it to him in prayer.