Taking God at his Word

Having faith is really taking God at his Word. This means taking what God says as having value enough to deal with our real life situation. Jesus teaches us to be of good courage since in this world we will always have trials, we need to be courageous because he has overcome the world.

Our faith in Christ is what makes us overcome the world. What Jesus Christ says is what we depend on in order to overcome. When Jesus told the disciples to go to the other side of the lake, but ended up in a storm, all they needed to know is that every circumstance they faced on the way had no power because of what Jesus said to them. When God asks you to do something, you should be able to see that obstacles will not stop the fruition of what he has spoken to you. What Jesus says is dependable because it comes with it own ability to bring about its intended purpose.

Without hearing the word of God no one cannot have faith. When the disciples got on the ship with Jesus because he told them to get to the other side, they had faith in him. Jesus was responsible for the trip and the disciples trusted that it was going to be alright. When they got into a storm and had run out of options they had to call on Jesus. God is the author of life and consulting him in time of need is the right thing to do.

When people face difficult times, they need to consult God and this is what faith is all about. When the disciples called upon Jesus he was asleep on that ship. Jesus is not here physically, but his presence is here by his Spirit. We cannot see him physically, but his presence is made available to us by his Spirit. He dwells in us by faith and when you call upon him in faith he hears and responds. Call on the Lord when you need him and he will answer.


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