Leadership Issues

There are times when children to spiritual leaders go astray and their parents in such cases end up being thought of as not being spiritual. In such times people forget that children to leaders are free moral agents who are also accountable to God. Parents love their children therefore it is obvious that they definitely pray for them. If children do not turn out well in such cases it does not mean parents are not good spiritual leaders.

Sometimes things turn out well although at times they do not. A minister in this situation must understand that when a child goes astray, it does not mean the parent should be disqualified from leadership. The callings of God are of no repentance. God has never made a mistake that he would now have to correct.

Samuel the prophet is one man who knew how to walk with God, but not his children. His children did not know how to walk in the ways of the Lord despite having been named Joel and Abijah. Samuel’s sons walked in their own ways and that tells us that the heart has a lot to do with our walk with God and not external symbols.

The name Joel means “the Lord is God”. This name is a powerful acknowledgement for the need to give God control over our lives. The other son’s name was Abijah which means “my father is Yahweh”. This name is also an acknowledgement of the fact that there is a need for a new birth experience in our lives.

We truly have to be born again by the Spirit of God before we can experience the Lordship of our God. Children of God submit to God because they love him. God is supposed to be The Lord of our lives and letting him be Lord is easy to do when we are born of his Spirit. This is how we allow God to reign in our lives.

In Samuel 8:7 the Bible says, “And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them” (KJV). We all have choices in life and we can choose whatever we want. However, choosing to reject God is not the best of choices. The best we can all do is to allow God to reign as Lord in our lives.