Turning Points of Life

We all need turning points in our lives. Moses had one and it was life changing. His turning point occurred at the burning bush. This was a supernatural experience that changed his life for ever. A turning point can occur when one gives his heart to Jesus in repentance or commits himself to God’s service in ministry.

In Egypt, Moses knew he was called to serve God when he lived in Pharaoh’s Palace. When he tried to fulfill that calling on his own, things did not work out so well and that is why he escaped into the desert where he met Jethro and became a shepherd. In all those years he was with Jethro, God had not forgotten about the plan of delivering the Hebrew people from the house of bondage. God still remembered the promise he made to Abraham. When the right time came he gave Moses the burning bush experience and sent him back to Egypt to minister deliverance to that Hebrew nation.

The burning bush experience does away with limited natural abilities. The burning bush experience is really an anchor into God’s own plan. It is more than what Seminary or Bible College can offer. It provides a turning point in life that becomes a link to supernatural strength when serving God. It is God’s way of connecting us with himself in his work on earth. There is no one who can effectively do God’s work without first having an experience with God. The highest level of knowing comes by experience, that is why we all need that true burning bush experience.

After Jesus arose from the dead it became a possibility for any of us to be involved in the work of God. He is our burning bush today. We have to meet Christ before we can see permanent change in people’s lives. When Jesus appeared to the disciples as they walked on the road to a village called Emmaus, he shared the word of God with them. In that moment as he was sharing the scripture they experienced some an unusual burning sensation within. In Luke 24:32 the Bibles says, “And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures” (KJV). The disciples on the way to Emmaus had a supernatural experience with Jesus. This was like a burning bush experience that Moses had in the desert and we all need it in order to have a true awakening.