The River Jordan Experience

When a man has had the River Jordan experience, he enters in to a new life. That new life has impact on what he does thereafter. The way opens up and God speaks by the way of miracles to magnify his Son Jesus Christ. Everything in ministry should be centered on lifting up Jesus Christ. Miracles should point to Jesus Christ as the way to the Father.

Elisha crossed the River Jordan on dry ground and that was a miracle. It was the way God made for him and that is how he went on to having a ministry that really impacted people’s lives. When you crossover like Elisha did, you experience God’s approval as the water of the Jordan miraculously separate. This is the way that God has ordained for all of us. We first have to find salvation before we can serve God. Jesus has made that possible for us by dying and rising from the dead. Jesus has made a way to the Father.

Elisha understood this mystery very well since he had that personal experience. No wonder a young lady who ended up in Naaman’s house in Syria after the war knew about Elisha. The power of God was evident in Elisha’s ministry and that is why the young lady recommended him for her master’s healing. Her master Naaman was a captain in the army and had won many battles, but he had leprosy.

When he heard about Elisha he decided to visit the prophet for healing. When he visited he had his own misconceptions just like all of us have misconceptions about how religious things should be done. When he arrived where the prophet Elisha lived, he expected him to come out and wave his hand over the infected spot on his body, but none of that happened. Elisha sent him to the River Jordan. The River Jordan is the river of God.

Elisha told him to go and dip himself in the river Jordan seven times. At first he struggled with that idea, but finally chose to dip himself in the river. After he dipped himself in the river for the seventh time he was healed completely. In 2 Kings 5:14 the Bible says, “Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean” (KJV). This was a great healing experience for Naaman. It is like a new birth experience and that is what God wants us to have before we can become co-heirs with Christ.

(Excerpt from the book “The River Jordan” by Rev. M. Mubiana)

What is the River Jordan Experience?

The River Jordan experience is the death and resurrection of Christ with the purpose of giving us eternal life. In this experience those who believe in Christ identify with him in his death and resurrection and through this experience people actually pass from death to life. This is the way of righteousness and faith is the key ingredient because it is an experience of a  miracle.