Water Baptism

In John 11: 25 Jesus Christ says, “…I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live” (KJV). This is what faith in Christ can do. Faith can cause anyone to cross from death to life. Israel crossed the River Jordan by the help of God. Only God can do what was done for that chosen nation at that river. Since Jesus is the resurrection and the life, crossing over from death to life is done by the same power of God that helped Israel to cross the River Jordan. This is now supposed to be a personal experience in Christ and it means change.

When Israel was crossing the River Jordan, Joshua took twelve stones from the River Jordan’s riverbed and placed them in Gilgal. These stones were used as a teaching aid for children so that they would know what God did at the River Jordan by his supernatural power. In this way new generations in Israel would have faith.

Joshua also took twelve stones from the desert and placed them right in the channel where the river was flowing before the river was stopped. Joshua put the twelve stones on the riverbed. This shows us that the Israel that sinned died in the wilderness and the power of sin was a sure fact signified by this burial. When the stones were placed on the riverbed and the River Jordan began to flow, the stones were out of sight. When God takes away your sins, those sins are completely gone.

In this experience The Lord was saying that there is power that is so strong that it can raise stones to life. Stones have no life in themselves, but when the power of God touches them, they become alive. God gives eternal life and that life is from the river of living waters which is the river of God. This life is by the Holy Spirit and without the Holy Spirit there is no life.

During Noah’s flood eight souls were saved and that was a form of baptism. When John the Baptist baptized people he was doing the ministry that was from God. God was telling us that the way to the new life is through death and resurrection. Death has a real big part in the process of getting to God’s promises. The promise of God is life itself. We must all cross from death to life and Jesus has made a way for us.

This is the only way to eternal life. The way to the Father is seen in what happened with Jesus at the River Jordan. When Jesus was being baptized by John the Baptist, John himself may not have had a complete revelation that Christ was supposed to died and resurrect from the dead for the human race. That is the reason why he did not want to baptize Jesus, but without Jesus being baptized righteousness could not have come to us.

Excerpt from the book “The River Jordan”.

Surely without that death and resurrection of Christ we would not have had the opportunity to be counted righteous before God. Now, when we have faith in Jesus Christ we become righteous in the sight of God. Therefore the way that has been created for us is the way of righteousness; it is the only way to God the Father and it is symbolized by water baptism.