How to find a Spouse (Continued)

When you meet that special person, what you say can provoke good feelings that make both of you happy. People usually find it easy to go back to the place of comfort in their lives and when they enjoy being together with someone they become determined in trying to be close to that person. How you make someone feel when you are together plays a major role in your getting closer to that person.

There is a lot that rides on feelings when a man and a woman interact. What both like or dislike can have impact on decisions they make and that is where past life experiences also come into play. On a physical level, it could be a person’s face or behavior that can throw off the new person’s interest. If to her your face or mannerisms resemble that of a relative who is not in good terms with her from the past, then that can be a trigger for a negative response.

This can also apply to a man, because just having to interact with someone whose face and behavior resembles that of an irritating relative can be grounds for terminating the intention of going into a close relationship. Every one has his own triggers for negative reaction therefore, when God brings the right person, the background noises at physical and emotional level can be kept at a minimal levels. The best way to deal with past issues is through Jesus Christ because without Christ marriage life circumstances can be overwhelming. Only God makes or creates someone you need by breaking every barrier between you.

The heart is what God changes in preparation for the right person to marry. If one has emotional scars it means such a one needs healing. No matter what a person has gone through, God can make her or him to be suitable for a marriage relationship. When both man and woman are healed and ready, marriage can be a pleasant experience for both. The beginning of a marriage is exclusively unique because the heart has to connect with the other person’s heart at a deeper level and that is what makes the two to become one. This is a bond that no man on earth is allowed to put asunder and it is initiated by God himself. Right now, behind the scenes God is preparing the right person.