Keys to the Supernatural – Part 1

Jesus is an expert at dealing with situations in life. People are never good enough despite gaining experience. Jesus is really the only one who is above all situations in life. As a matter of fact, Jesus does not make up things as time goes by; he just meets people’s needs even when their situations present no options.

At the wedding in Cana of Galilee when they ran out of wine, the best advice Mary gave the servants was to make sure they obeyed whatever Jesus would tell them. In this situation we can see that Mary supported his son’s ministry even at the time when she had never seen him perform any miracle. In John 2:5 the Bible says,“His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it” (‭ASV). If there was anyone who knew more about Jesus at that time, I would say that Mary was the only one. How much you know about God gives you a position of responsibility. This is what happened to Mary and that is why she had to do something about the situation at that wedding.

Why did Mary say what she said? It is probably because Mary could remember what the Angel said to her at conception and that is why she knew that her son Jesus could do something about the situation. None of the twelve disciples was at that time in position of speaking for Jesus because they all just got acquainted with him. In fact this was the first time they were going to witnessed a miracle and really believe in him. However, the principle here is simply this, when one has gained more, then more is required of him. Knowing Jesus really gives you the responsibility to make him known.

Faith is one of the keys to the supernatural. Even before Christ walked among men, God used people who believed in him. The prophets believed that God was going to send the Messiah. They believed the word of God and if we are going to see the hand of God we also have to believe. What God says will always prove that “the Word of God” is effective and functional in impossible situations. This is the reason why it requires faith to experience the supernatural.

ASV – American Standard Version