Keys to the Supernatural – Part 2

When God created heaven and earth he did not need a platform to speak out from. He just spoke his creation into being out of nothing. The situation provided nothing to work with, but what God spoke came into being. Now if you look at your situation, there is a lot that God can work with. God uses people, animals and things in life. At the burning bush God began using a wooden stick that Moses carried around. If he could do this it means he can also use whatever is available to you.

When Samson faced the Philistines he used a Jaw bone of a donkey to win his battle against a well trained army of warriors. God uses people, animals, ideas and other physical things to meet people’s needs. He will also use anyone who is willing to obey him.

A long time ago a huge fish swallowed Jonah because it obeyed the voice from above. Just as the burning bush was not consumed because of the supernatural fire that was burning around it, Jonah survived in that belly of a fish after being swallowed for three days. Jonah went on to seeing another day and preached the good news to the people of Neneveh. This was a supernatural occurrence and it is all because doing God’s will is one of the keys to the supernatural. When you are willing to do his will, he will use you.

When a multitude of people followed Jesus, but then ran out of food, all it took to get a miracle started was an idea. Peter found a boy who had packed lunch and with the idea of feeding that lunch to five thousands people he jump started a supernatural event since Jesus approved the idea. Peter was willing to come up with an idea therefore you can also come up with an idea that The Lord can use. In this way God can bless someone through you, but the only question is, are you willing to share?

The boy was willing to share his lunch and in the hands of the master it multiplied. I am sure the boy came to that meeting by himself and that is why he had packed lunch. That day when he went back home he had a great story to tell his family. This was his personal supernatural experience and it positively impacted his life because he surrendered his lunch.

What we see in John 6:9 is that Peter makes a suggestion and says ,”There is a lad here, who hath five barley loaves, and two fishes: but what are these among so many?” (‭ASV).That was a scary thing to suggest, but Jesus approved it. God will use ideas like what Peter came up with to jump start a miracle that you need. When God is involved, a few or little can be enough.

ASV – American Standard Version