Giving Tithe

Giving tithe is not supposed to be a religious tradition. Tithe has a lot to do with faith and it began way before our modern organized church got started. That is the reason why it is incorrect to claim that it is supposed to only be given to the local church.

Tithe was given by Abraham hundreds of years before Aaron was ever a priest in Israel. Abram gave tithe to Melchizedek after his victory over the people who had taken Lot captive. In Genesis 14: 20 the Bible says, “May the Most High God, who gave you victory over your enemies, be praised!” And Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of all the loot he had recovered” (‭GNB). Giving tithe is more than a religious practice. There is a lot of discernment that should be involved. Abram discerned that Melchizedek was a representative from God and giving him tithe was a clear acknowledgement that God is the source of victory and all provision.

When you give your tithe it should be an acknowledgement of God as a source of your supply. God does not only bless you when you give tithe in this manner. He blesses you with all the other generations that follow after you. In Hebrews 7: 9-10 the Bible says, “And, so to speak, when Abraham paid the tenth, Levi (whose descendants collect the tenth) also paid it. For Levi had not yet been born, but was, so to speak, in the body of his ancestor Abraham when Melchizedek met him” (‭GNB). When Abram gave tithe he acknowledged God’s High Priest and that is Melkizedek and by doing that he acknowledged God who was represented by this very high priest. This spiritual act was so powerful that Levi who came several generations later was considered a tithe giver through Abraham.

God will bless your children’s children when you give your tithe with a clear discernment as to who you are giving it to. Do not just give tithe before you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The key to the blessings as you tithe is connected to your relationship with God. Your relationship with God is what helps you give tithe knowing that your are represented with a priesthood in the order set up for eternity and not like it was with the Levitical priesthood with all its limitations. Jesus is now our High Priest and the blessings are eternal blessings.

GNB- Good News Bible