Battles of Life – Part 1

When Caleb and Joshua died, Israel needed leadership. The nation had no King and enemies where closing in from all directions. During that time God began to raise Judges. Whenever the enemies began to trouble the people of Israel the Lord raised judges to help them.

Now, almost every judge that God raised had his or her own weakness. The issues each one of the judges faced had a lot to do with relationships. If you have issues when it comes to relationships in your life, your experience is nothing strange.

Your background can be a resource for victory in many battles of life despite having a negative background. One of the judges by the name of Japhtah had a questionable family background, but God used him to win battles for Israel. Japhtah ended up becoming a mighty worrior because God was with him. He was a worrior, but his personal family background is not something he could have been proud to talked about.

If Japhtah had to personally tell you about how his own family treated him, you would have discovered a lot of psychological scars etched deep in his soul. Japhtah’s story is really our story. When we talk about Japhtah it may seem like a story far fetched and not as applicable to us, but it is a story of your neighbor, friend or even your step brother or sister. It may even be your own story. There are things that you can not change in your life, but God can and will still use you. If God could use Japhtah, a son of a strange woman, he can use you too.

People are fond of and will always look at your past to figure out if you measure up, but that is what we all should get used to. They will look at your background and rule you out, but when God is with you, he is the only one with a final say in your life. Remember that whatever happens in the matters of life that God always wants to reveal himself. This is what Jesus taught the disciples when they asked him about the blindman’s family background.

In John 9: 2-3 we are told, “His disciples asked him, “Teacher, whose sin caused him to be born blind? Was it his own or his parents’ sin?” Jesus answered, “His blindness has nothing to do with his sins or his parents’ sins. He is blind so that God’s power might be seen at work in him” (‭GNB). In other words Jesus is saying that this man’s background is not what matters. God is not “cherry picking” about who to bless. When you have to do the work of God just do it. You may target a specific group, but keep in mind that the gospel of Christ is meant for every human being in the world.

Jesus healed the blindman instead of trying to figure out a family dysfunction. The blindman’s background was not so much of a factor. This is the reason why his call today is to the “whosoever”. The word “whosoever” refers to anyone and this includes people with strange backgrounds. God is right now offering answers and he is ready to use anyone who makes himself available to him.