God’s Timing

In Bethany there was a man by the name of Lazarus whom Jesus loved. This man Lazarus became very sick and during that time his sister’s sent a message to Jesus hoping he would quickly show up and heal their brother. Jesus took his time instead and Lazarus finally died. This is one of the interesting things about Jesus as we see him at work in people’s lives. He does things in his time.

Did Jesus really love Lazarus? Yes, he did. In fact John 11: 5 says, “Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus” (‭KJV). Jesus loved them so much that he hoped for them to have a bigger blessing in the midst of a situation they thought was hopeless. Sometimes people may wonder why God did not just get rid of the devil from the start in creation so that people today would have no problems. Well, God has a reason.

Whatever is going on right now, God still loves all of us. In John 3: 16 the Bible says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (‭KJV). Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters even when he did not show up early enough to deal with their situation. God cares about people and he is always on time.

Now, when Jesus got into Bethany, Lazarus was already dead and his body had been in the tomb for four days. After talking to Lazarus’ sisters Jesus was so deeply moved. He decided to go to the tomb and while there some important things happened. In John 11: 39 we are told, “Jesus said, Take ye away the stone…” (KJV) and again in verse 44 after Jesus raise Lazarus, the Bible says, “Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go” (‭KJV). They removed the stone and unwrapped his grave wrappings, but Jesus had to raise him from the dead. One other interesting thing is that this miracle happened at the right time so that people could put their faith in Jesus. God is always on time.

Any time a miracle happens there is a part that God takes and that which man must take. Jesus had to tell the people to remove the stone. He did not need to remove the stone by his supernatural power. People could move it away and that is why he just told them to remove it. If you are able to help a situation in a practical way, do it and God will do the rest. Your ability is limited; God’s ability is unlimited. God does the impossible.

In this practical world, sometimes the problem of not being able to secure a job may not really be a spiritual problem. It could be something that requires taking practical steps to a solution. If every time you put in an application for a job you notice that that is when debt collectors are calling asking for payments long forgotten, it means it’s time to take practical steps toward a solution. Do not run away from them, but run to them to resolve issues that matter. In such cases, just do yourself the favor of taking steps to finding out what may be on your credit report and paying off anything that might need to be paid off. Do your part and God will do his part. Get ready for your miracle!

May God bless you!