Commitment to Gods Word – Part 2

Now, since God has charged you with his word just like that young prophet, any prophetic word that comes your way must be in line with what God has already instructed you to do. At times, that word of prophecy may come to you just to test your commitment. However, in any situation remember that your commitment to the principles of God will help you to remain on the right path. Your commitment is an anchor that secures you to what he has in store for you.

In your life you will probably meet all kinds of people claiming to be prophets, but none of them will manage to misdirect you if you are committed to God’s word. The prophet who lied posed a great danger to that young prophet’s life. This kind of a lying prophet can still pop out of nowhere and cause you to be trapped in some quagmire. If it happened to that young prophet it can still happen to any child of God today. If you have also been instructed in the word of God just like that young prophet was instructed by God, you could face this kind of a test.  In any case, your commitment to God’s word will still make a difference in your life.

In the time of Jeremiah the prophet, one family  remained committed to the father’s precept and ended up being blessed. The sons of Jehonadab were taught not to drink wine and they stayed committed to that family rule. They were so committed to this precept that even prophet Jeremiah could not manage to convince them to go against it. This was commitment at its best and that is how God wants us to be committed to his instructions as children of God.

What happened to the sons of Jehonadab is basically what the book of Proverbs explains. In Proverbs 22:6 the Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (KJV). The sons of Jehonadab never departed from their family precept. Children of God must also take heed to what the Lord Jesus Christ teaches in his word and really be committed.

The word of God trains God’s children in the way they should go. However, the way the child goes requires that child’s commitment to instructions. We all know Jeremiah was a prophet of God, but what happened when he told the sons of Jehonadab to drink wine? They refused to drink it. They knew Jeremiah was a true prophet, but they refused to lower their family standard. They dealt with a misleading suggestion more effectively because of their commitment to a family precept.

The children of Jehonadab never assumed that drinking wine was now acceptable just because a true and well known prophet of God said so. We should all never assume that maybe things have changed. What the word of God declares does not change with time. If something was a sin yesterday, it is still a sin today.

In Luke 21:33 Jesus says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (GNB). The word that God speaks has value now and for eternity. God’s instructions are like a solid rock that never gets moved in the middle of unstable circumstances of life. Stay committed to God’s word by avoiding unfounded suggestions for you to go contrary to what you have been instructed by God.

Do not let anyone sway you from your commitment to God’s word.