The Blood of the Lamb

Our God is a God of justice and has no favorites. This is the reason why the shedding of the blood of Jesus confirms the fact that God has no favorites. What he has done for others he can do for you in Christ.

In Egypt, the Angel of death could have killed every firstborn, whether Egyptian or Hebrew, but the blood of that little lamb made the difference. The lamb took the place of every first born. The blood was proof to the Angel of death that death had already occurred. That is why when the Angel of death came to the door marked with blood, he just passed over.

The Angel of death is still passing through our land today and those without the mark of the blood of Christ are facing the realities of spiritual death. The answer to this is Jesus Christ. The Bible says that everyone in this world has sinned against God. Not only that, but the Bible also says that the wages of sin is death. Sin brings death, but Jesus brings life to us. He is the true Lamb of God.

When we have been forgiven by Jesus Christ his blood washes our sins away. His blood is like that blood of that lamb in each Hebrew household. It provided all the blessings of salvation. The blood of Jesus now speaks to God on our behalf.

Now, Instead of death, the blood of Jesus speaks life. It brings faith where there is fear and love where there is hate. In 1 John 5: 12 the Bible says, “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God has not life” (KJV). The blood of Jesus offers an experience of redemption therefore if you receive him you receive life. This blessing is for you and those all around you.