Grace for Ministry

Every believer is really in full time ministry and must function with a measure of the grace of Christ. Yes, believers must function in the body of Christ according to that grace. They may even function effectively without having to attend Bible College or Seminary. As a believer you have that measure of the grace of Christ. 

Paul the apostle according to his closing statement in Philippians 4:23 says, “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen” (KJV). This was not just a saying. It was a well known reality that helps to bring believers to maturity. As the physical body builds itself, the church also builds itself by the Spirit of God through believers.

Paul wanted the Philippians to have the grace of Jesus Christ because that grace leads to maturity. The grace of Christ will always lead the church to the fullness of the stature of Christ. As believers, we need that measure of the grace of Christ so that we can play our part in the work God is doing through his people.

You may not be an ordained minister, but God will give you the opportunity to help others in the body of Christ in ways that will promote spiritual growth. God’s intention is to bring the church to maturity and right now you are part of that process as a child of God. God is looking for willing vessels he can use.

Are you willing to function with that grace?