Ministry with a Purpose (Part 1)

Spiritual blessings on topics such as salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, christian character,
personal revival and much more, should be addressed in more specific ways. A clear target promotes accountability.

In ministry the message to the people must then focus on helping them experience specific blessings in their lives. This means we should, as ministers minister with a specific purpose so that the people can be blessed in areas they lack.

As sent out ones, what do we see as a spiritual lack in individuals or communities? In order to effectively deal with spiritual deficits or issues, a minister must first define and clearly understand people’s situations. Next he must find out what the word of God (Bible) says regarding those specific areas in their lives.

This requires spending time searching for answers in the word of God. When answers are realized, the minister must then pray through those areas and with authority minister a word that addresses those very specific issues.

What do you see as a spiritual need in people around you?